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Friday, April 16, 2004
Crazy Comeback of the Prodigal Blogger

Yahoo, I am back! The prodigal son of is back.

I sure did miss my space out here, ahem, somehow. I was pretty busy a few months back. Work. Socials. What else? Gym? I stopped going to the gym, though. I hurt my back about a month ago so I had to stop any physical activities, like working out in the gym, that might cause serious problems more than a simple back pain.

Okay, what did I do over the last, say, 3 hours? I deleted my previous blogger, again, second time I guess, and tried to re-do everything from scratch. Yesterday, I sort of went through a single chapter on HTML basics. This time, I would like to be religious about publishing my blogger. Web presence is pretty much important these days. I guess. And besides, work isn't that too demanding than usual so I can do this extra stuff. It's free of charge, anyway. What the hell, right?

I just received a salary increase today. It sounded good news but... I don't even wan'na mention it.

Posted at 03:56 am by zachboi
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